The early Years Foundation Stage Framework sets out the leaning and development stages for pupils as they grow from birth to five. They set key goals within each stage of a child’s life, these are split into the months from birth. During your child’s first years of school children will work to achieve these goals.

In Early Years pupils learn through directed play with them showing great independence in leading their own learning. Pupils learn through lots of play and activities and are encouraged to use their increasing phonics and number knowledge in freely chosen activities. If you can be involved in helping your child, we know it can make a big difference to your child’s learning.

Pupils learn a great deal from people around them. As teachers and parents we are your child’s first teachers. You have a powerful influence on your child’s early learning. From a very early age your child will need to experience a wide range of activities and experiences (for example, singing and saying rhymes, making and listening to music, listening to them and joining in conversations, painting and pretend play) to develop their early reading and writing skills. These activities will help your child take the first important steps towards reading and writing.


Miss Johnson - EYFS Lead

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